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Optical Fluid Observation Equipment for Key Markets

At Zight, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge optical fluid observation equipment tailored for key markets. Our precision-engineered solutions cater to the unique needs of diverse industries, ensuring unparalleled performance and reliability.

Boiler & Steam Generation

In the Boiler & Steam Generation industry, Zight offers a comprehensive range of products, including Level Gauge Glass Tubes for precise level observation and Tempered Circular Sight Glass designed to withstand challenging conditions. Explore these products to enhance operational efficiency and safety.

Oil & Gas

Navigate the complexities of the Oil & Gas sector with Zight's specialized equipment. Our Level Gauge Valves,Tempered Cylinders Sight Glass, and Borosilicate Red Line Level Gauge Glass Tubes are engineered to meet the demands of this dynamic industry. Discover reliable solutions for fluid observation in critical applications.


For the Distillery market, Zight provides robust solutions like Borosilicate Flat Sight Glass and Polycarbonate Cylinders for Sight Glass. These products ensure clear and accurate fluid observation, crucial for maintaining optimal processes in the distillation environment. Dive into our offerings for unparalleled quality.


In the Breweries sector, Zight offers specialized equipment, including Level Gauge Glass Tubes and Transparent High-Pressure Level Gauge Glass Elevate your brewing processes with our high-quality, durable products designed for precise fluid level monitoring. Explore the range for improved brewing efficiency.