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Soda Lime Or Borosilicate?

Soda Lime or Borosilicate

Sight glass typically comes in two types of glass: tempered soda lime or tempered borosilicate. What’s the difference between them? And which one is better for observing liquids within a vessel or the interior of a vessel? We answer these questions below.   What Is Soda Lime? Soda lime glass is a common material that […]

Why Are The Water Levels In A Boiler So Important?

Why Are The Water Levels In A Boiler So Important

How Correctly Measuring The Water Level In A Boiler With A Glass Tube Prevents Disaster The safety of your boiler service customers is paramount. With this in mind – and due to how high the temperatures inside of a boiler can get – it’s critical that boilermakers utilize specific safety mechanisms such as a level […]