Tempered Borosilicate Cylinder Sight Glass eBook

Tempered Cylinders. 360° View Sight Glass

Made of ZIGHT GLASS Borosilicate 3.3, and fully tempered, the glasses are used for opcal control in lubrication devices and observation ports in 360° sight glasses.

Although Zight Cylinders can be manufactured in any size, there are a number of sizes and dimensions typically used throughout the industry due to market standardization. While Outside Diameter and Wall Thickness remain relavely standard, the lenght for these sizes can vary depending on the manufacturer.

Check out the upcoming list for an overview of catalog contents:

  • Technical Information
  • Manufactutring ranges for Outside Diameter (OD)
  • Manufactutring ranges for Wall Diameter (WT)
  • Manufactutring ranges for Outside Length (L)
  • Why Zight Glass?
  • Do’s and Don’ts

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