Reflex and Transparent Gauge Data Sheet

Level Gauge Glass Reflex & Transparent

Sight Glass for Reliability

Made in Tempered Borosilicate, this type of level glass is used in different applications where both chemical resistance and a low thermal expansion coefficient are requested. Glasses are manufactured according to the international norm DIN7081, which guarantees quality and reliability.

Detailed below are the various points featured in the catalog.

  • Types of Level Indication
  • Technical Information Table
  • Reflex & Transparent DIN 7081
  • Dimensional Tolerances Table
  • Flatness Tolerances Table
  • Standardized Dimensions Table
  • Identification of Glass (Example)
  • Imperfections in Glass Table
  • Operating Temperature
  • Thermal Tempering and Surface Compressive Stress
  • Chemical Attack Resistance

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